Day Two on the project

I was supposed to be working two half days on the project this week – Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon. Unfortunately it didn’t quite work out this afternoon as lots of things came up at work. However, I have spotted the following: which looks like it’s going to be a useful overview of Social Software and Libraries. I’ve also been given an article from a conference Marie, the MIDESS Project officer gave me, about tagging and repositories. This looks really interesting and has started me thinking about the potentials for social software and repositories. It also links in quite nicely with the chat I had recently with Sue, the LSE Archivist about how social software could become really important for archival collections, as researchers or users of archives often know so much more about specific parts of a collection than the staff do, and social software would allow them to share this knowledge with others.

I’ve signed up for a useful event being run by CILIP on Web 2.0 and then realised I can’t actually attend, so I am hoping Gwyneth can go instead. I’m also looking at attending the Library and Information Show as the conference sounds really relevant.

This week I also met with someone at LSE who works on TRIUM, which is an MBA programme taught jointly with LSE, a university in New York and another in Paris. Basically the students come to the three institutions but are distance learners, so there could be some potential for seeing how we can improve their experience of libraries and it may well fit in quite nicely with this project.

Anyhow, I’ll leave it here for now. I hope we’ll have Moodle up and running by Wednesday so I can play with this and see how we can use it for group communication. Have a good weekend everyone!


One thought on “Day Two on the project

  1. The archives idea sounds v interesting and a potentially good way to share knowledge about such collections. See you on Friday!

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