Week Two on the project

I was working from home today, sketching out some ideas for the Literature review in advance of our meeting on Friday. I’ll attach the document to my posting for everyone, but I’ve been reading a lot of stuff today about what is Web 2.0, what is Library 2.0. What technologies or services should I say will be in the remit of the project. Still lots of reading to do but the JISC Tech Watch on this subject was really useful as was an article I got from Sarah Rosenblum about Participatory Networks. My network at home is less than participating though, as part of the reasons I thought I’d work from home was to get my Broadband running. The Mac is connected, the desktop PC is so far not connected! Still one out of two isn’t bad!

I’ve also been having a play with Moodle and thinking about how we could use this for the project. We’ve set up a course as it might be a useful way to create a mailing list and share information. Anyway the course is available at:


The project team will be getting details about how to join fairly soon. I’ve got a book about RSS and Blogs for Librarians I’ve been browsing through as well. So lots of reading today and I’m starting to formulate a plan.

There are plenty of events as well, including one CDE are running on Web 2.0. Gwyneth has offered to go along to this.

Anyway, here are my notes where I’ve sketched out the Lit Review: Lit review notes to date


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