Week 3: Introducing LASSIE

Following last week’s meeting with have re-named the project LASSIE (Libraries And Social Software In Education) – many thanks to Caroline for the words – I thought up the acronym. Now all we have to do is find an appropriate picture of a border collie!

Today I’ve been mainly playing around with the blog, and with Moodle, which we are using for internal communication amongst the Project Steering Group. I’ve added some relevant blogs to the ‘Blogroll’ but if anyone knows of others looking at Libraries, Distance learners and Web 2.0 then please do let me know.

I’ve just been for tea with Christine Bruce, from Queensland Institute of Technology, who is author of the Seven Faces of Information Literacy and a keynote at next week’s LILAC conference. We chatted with Gwyneth about LASSIE and she was interested in the idea of trying to replicate the social interaction that happens between researchers in the library in a virtual sense. She was also talking about information commons and how they aren’t always delivering the social spaces they promise and have often ended up being spaces just filled with IT. We are attending a seminar with her tomorrow at Imperial and she promised to think further about the project.

I’ve been working further on the project plan, which is currently with Gwyneth for review. We are trying to sketch out in more detail exactly what we’ll be doing during the next nine months and once this is finished I’ll post something. I plan to spend some time looking at the Five weeks to a social library course later today. But my time is generally being rather preoccupied with LILAC. I’ll be chairing some sessions on social software and information literacy so will be posting my thoughts about these early next week. That’s all for now though folks!


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