LILAC 2007 part two

I’m actually now back home from LILAC, tired, slightly worse for wear following all the alcohol and dancing at last night’s conference dinner, but once more excited and enthused by the conference. Feedback to date suggests the conference was another success and our keynotes today, Christine Bruce and John Dolan, Head of Library Policy at MLA, were again excellent. Christine’s work is particularly inspiring and makes me believe even more firmly in the importance of the information literacy movement. It really does lie at the heart of what working in libraries is all about; helping people find the information they require, to manage it and use it to make sense of the world and to learn more effectively.

I’ve also been thinking about LASSIE and how if libraries are going to use social software, they need to think hard about how the tools can improve learning, rather than using technology for technology’s sake. We must remember the role of libraries, which is to support learning by providing access to knowledge. Part of this project is to investigate how far libraries also act as a space where people can exchange ideas and resources, and whether Web 2.0 offers new ways that distance learners can come together. But I’d also be interested to see if social software can support the development of information literacy skills amongst distance learners.


One thought on “LILAC 2007 part two

  1. What a quick post! I’m still dazed from LILAC. WE must cooperate and share info I think. Maybe the stuff that I add to would be helpful. Meredith Farkas’s course is proving very important and I want to follow it though for the wiki I am preparing for lollipop. I agree that DL is a natural place to use WEb 2.0. Jo Parker and I are to edit a book on IL and WEb 2.0 for Facet for publication next spring. We ought to include DL in the case studies that we want to include.

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