Social software overload?

I’ve got all day working from home and I’m having trouble connecting to my e-mail so spending time reading blogs. One thing that is striking me more and more is, how do you go about conducting a literature review in the Web 2.0 world? Do I just stick to the traditional literature, or should I be trying to read every blog on the subject? With comments appearing on blogs daily, it is starting to feel a little overwhelming! Just this morning Brian Kelly’s Blog led me to the Shifted Librarian, which led me to Hennepin Country Library who are using something called Bookspace to allow ‘patrons’ to add comments about books to the catalogue. This has obvious potential for distance learners and I was amazed at the number of comments the, as yet unreleased new Harry Potter book has generated! I’ll update you later as to what else of interest I find! It is probably also worth saying I’ve been starting to experiment with and have created an account for the project, where I’ve been starting to compile useful resources and articles. More later!


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