The Library in the Interactive Environment

On Monday Gwyneth and I spoke at the CPD25 event entitled The Library in the Interactive Environment so my day devoted to the project was essentially Monday, although I have also been doing a bit of work on it today. The slides from all the sessions are now available from the website. The day was opened by Jean Sykes from LSE, who set the scene for the day and looked at changes in higher education and their affects on libraries. It was followed by Maria Mawson who spoke about the University of Sheffield’s experience developing i-pod tours. Both speakers also reminded me that the Sheffield Information Commons opened just a few weeks ago, which is an innovative physical space combining library and IT facilities with flexible teaching and learning spaces. It also houses the Sheffield Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching called CILASS.

Alan Fricker and Andy Richardson, gave us an insight into how the NHS and specifically the National Library for Health are using RSS feeds for staff and have made a simple feed reader available. They were followed by Peter Godwin who once again entertained and wowed us with the Web 2.0 world and considered the implications for information literacy. Web 2.0 technologies may lead us to believe students now have all the information they require at the tip of their fingers, but Peter highlighted the 2007 Horizon report from Educause, which showed that the information literacy skills of students are not in fact improving.

After a fantastic lunch we kicked off with Susan Eales from the Open University who outlined how the OU are looking to integrate library resources with Moodle. Susan has just recently been invited to join the LASSIE Steering Group, which is great news. This was followed by our presentation and the final session of the day was from Richard Wallis from Talis. I had heard Richard speak last week at the Library 2.0 forum, but he’d already added to his presentation and I particularly liked the fantastic video he showed us on Web 2.0 called the Machine is Us/ing Us from Michael Wesch at Kansas State University. Watch this! Overall I hugely enjoyed the day. Gwyneth and I were really setting out what the project hopes to achieve, and I hope a few more people are reading the blog and interested in the project now. Our presentation (and the others) are available to download from the CPD25 site.

Other than this event, I’ve been working on exciting things such as the project budget. I’ve been managing Google Reader for keeping track of all the blogs I’m interested in. It’s personal to me, not sharable, so perhaps I should consider using something such as PageFlakes? I’ve also had a chat with Steve (Ryan) about Zotero: Firefox extension, and it’s potential for collecting references and possibly compiling reading lists. We are also interested more generally in RSS functionality that could be added to Voyager our Library Management System.


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