CILIP Information Literacy Group meeting

I spent yesterday at CILIP, as I’m Conference Officer for the CSG Information Literacy Group and we had a Committee Meeting and an editorial board meeting for the Journal of Information Literacy. Just a couple of things to report of interest to the project. CILIP are trying to encourage groups to set up a blog and they are offering to host these, rather than people using another provider. I guess they are jumping on the Web 2.0 bandwagon as well and trying to offer a service in response. Our group decided that there are in fact a number of really good Information Literacy weblogs out there, plus we already have the LIS-InfoLiteracy JISCMAIL list, so perhaps this wasn’t something we needed at the moment. I did suggest we could set up a combined RSS feed from several of the important blogs and have this appearing on the IL website. The other thing to note is the group is really trying to engage the whole community over IL and has managed to start a dialogue with DfES on the subject, to look at getting it more explicitly embedded in the school’s curriculum.

Over lunch I mentioned this blog to a couple of people who were really interested in the project, so I hope I’ve picked up a few more readers! Also a small suggestion on Thursday from Kris at LSE has led me to think I should try to post shorter entries so I’ll stop here.


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