MIDESS Project event: web 2.0 everywhere!

Today and yesterday I was at the University of Leeds for a steering group and partners meeting for the MIDESS Project, followed by a one day event today for people to find out what we’ve been up to in the project. The project has been looking at how repositories handle multimedia and images and we’ve been working with the open source repository Fedora in CLT. Some interesting issues arising out of the project are how people can share these resources (or metadata about them) and we’ve been experimenting with METS and OAI-PMH. Just a small point, but worth mentioning in relation to LASSIE, is whether all these standard for harvesting metadata will be required in a Web 2.0 if we can develop federated searching to sit on top of all these repositories. It’s just amazing how EVERYONE is talking about the potential impact of web 2.0 on libraries and the world more generally. On Tuesday when I was attending a meeting at the Copyright Licensing Agency the topic of blogs and wikis was even mentioned there with respect to whether the CLA could extend their mandate to cover web based sources! And finally, this has been doing the rounds and was brought to my attention by Peter Godwin and Steve Bond in CLT – take a look at this Library 0.1 YouTube video if you’ve not seen it!


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