The literature review progresses

Today I’ve been focusing on preparing for tomorrow’s Steering Group meeting and working on the literature review. I’ve now divided this into three main sections, including an overview of libraries and social software, which includes some background on Web 2.0 and library 2.0. It’s going to be fairly broad as its such as vast topic. I’m also collecting literature on libraries as a social space and libraries and distance learners.

Just a few other useful things I’ve looked at today include SlideShare which I found reference to on a Brian Grey’s blog I’ve just found called Are you Web 2.0 Yet? I’ve added him to my blog role and Google Reader. Reading my feeds each morning has not yet quite become a daily habit, but I am trying to read as often as possible. I also picked up a posting on Laura Cohen’s blog about the perceived abdication of social spaces by higher education. It included a reference to Elgg, the social networking site, which I really must explore in more detail as I think this might offer real potential for our project. Finally, I still keep thinking I must explore Second Life, so that might be this afternoon’s task. And I’m amazed at how my network on Facebook seems to be growing without me doing anything! I’ve also just found this list of useful resources on libraries and distance learning, so many thanks to my Google Alert and to Jennifer Macaulay.


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