Steering Group meeting

Just a quick post to saw we held the second Steering Group meeting today where I updated everyone on progress with the literature review. We also started to discuss which technologies we might like to pilot with some students and which courses might be suitable. They have to be courses in the University of London and primarily supported by distance learning, but we have a decent list as a starting point provided by Ian Snowley. I’ve decided to explore Elgg to see what this might offer us in terms of tools we might explore. Delicious and Library Thing are two definite contenders, as is CiteULike. Gwyneth’s going to post something about the Web 2.0 event she attended last week presented by Phil Bradley shortly. And I’m still thinking about taking the plunge in Second Life!


3 thoughts on “Steering Group meeting

  1. I’ve been using the Leeds installation of Elgg for a couple of years now. Primarily I have found it to be useful in making contact and keeping up with academic staff who are interested in IL and e-learning. We have a virtual group of individuals who belong to the e-learning network, and we meet a few times a year to share our experiences. Our next meeting is going to be ‘Faces & Places’, and we’ll discuss using Facebook and Second Life for learning & teaching support.

  2. Hi Jane,
    I am interested to note that you are looking at ELGG. Here at Bradford College we have successfully bid for some JISC funding to look at the use of Moodle with ELGG bolted to it, to support WBL (Work-based Learning), Distance Learning and the delivery of Fds (Foundation Degrees). We are hoping that the e-portfolio type characteristics of ELGG will be useful in the three-way split between; the learner, the employer and the teaching staff.
    for more information please see:

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