Elgg gave me a headache, Second Life crashed

Hello everyone. As promised I spent a bit of time this morning exploring Elgg and had to speak to one of my colleagues about it as I really felt after an hour of exploring and playing I wasn’t much the wiser about how I’d use it. I can see you can upload resources and presentations and share these with individuals or with communities. I also found it had blogs quite well integrated, but I struggled with fairly basic things such as updating my Profile. Should I try again? Answers on a postcard please?! In contrast I’ve played with Facebook a fair bit recently and found this much easier to work out. I seem to be collecting friends at the moment, so if you’re on Facebook do say hello!

Gwyneth has just told me we weren’t successful in getting a paper accepted at ALT 2007 – I guess our project isn’t that central to the themes of the conference in many ways. It’s a shame but we’re going to Lesbos, so Nottingham is not too much of a let down!

I’ve also started trying to gather together a list of courses to carry out ‘case studies’ as we’ve decided to call them. Basically we want to pilot on a fairly small scale some social software with groups of students on distance learning courses in the University of London. Some of the tools that seem most useful are delicious, LibraryThing and CiteUlike. There might be others though. Anyone got any thoughts or suggestions?

I’ve also been having fun with Flickr again – sharing photos mainly with my family, but I’m going to sign up for a Premier account so I can use it again (I uploaded 200 photos and reached my limit – although I have made all mine private at the moment, which isn’t very social of me!) Sadly Second Life has crashed everytime I try to run it, so I think I’m going to have re-install it. My boss Steve went to an event on Virtual Worlds last week and I found a useful posting on Sheila Webber’s blog about it. Steve didn’t feel virtual worlds are offering much pedagogically and doesn’t think they are very Web 2.0.

What else is new? I’ve started reading Lorcan Dempsey’s weblog again and Matt pointed out a useful web 2.0 blog I’ve added to my Google Reader from the OU which made some points about libraries, distance learning and Web 2.0.


2 thoughts on “Elgg gave me a headache, Second Life crashed

  1. “but I struggled with fairly basic things such as updating my Profile” – it is really very straight forward, especially if you have managed to navigate facebook. All your functionality sits in big tabs across the top of the page. Just Click on ‘Your profile’ – that is it.

  2. Hi Jane — I have to second your boss’s critique of SL and other virtual environments, which currently have US academic librarians all agog; I’ve found every SL event I’ve attended so far (including meetings of the ALA’s Second Life Users Group) to be fairly unproductive. It maybe that there’s some potential yet to be wrung out of the venue, but my own opinion is that it’s a case of technology seeking an application rather than the other way ’round.

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