JISC report on Web 2.0, more about Elgg and Ning

I’m actually having today off as it’s my Mum’s 60th birthday, but just catching up on a bit of reading before I go out. Matt in CLT highlighted the JISC report on Web 2.0 for Content Creation for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education which was published on 17th May. The draft report is out for community comment and it includes case studies from the Universities of Warwick, Leeds, Brighton and Edinburgh. I noticed with particular interest some of the recommendations for further JISC research into issues such as IPR, copyright, plagiarism, but also issues of personal security. No doubt few people can have escaped from hearing about Facebook after the recent media attention it’s received. For example the Guardian ran a story a few days ago but I’ve also read stories in London Lite and my own local newspaper on social networking! The concern seems to centre on some companies are using social networking sites to gather information about potential employees, so be careful what you reveal! CLT ran the social software class yesterday lunchtime for staff at LSE and unsurprisingly everyone had heard of Facebook. LSE apparantly have over 12,000 accounts on Facebook and as we only have 8,000 current students that’s quite impressive (or scary)!

Back to my discussions about Elgg though, Susan Eales from the OU, highlighted the PROWE project which is looking at elgg as a tool for distance tutors to use to for cpd and communication purposes. I shall certainly be keeping an eye on this project and will interested to see how valuable tutors find it.

I am continuing to collect friends on the Library 2.0 network on Ning and discovered they also have a distance learning librarians group within this network. So at least others are interested in this topic, although there isn’t much discussion so far! I plan to work on completing my first draft of the literature review, so must spend some time reading now. Enjoy the sunshine those in London!


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