Phil Bradley’s course

Now I’ve managed to login to the blog, I’ve got to try to remember the most important points about the course I went to on 4th May, organised by ILIG. I was pretty amazed by the number of people at this event, which was great, but it did mean that Phil was forced very much into presentation mode. He handled it very well and managed to answer questions while keeping things moving. The morning was for beginners and the afternoon a more advanced session with some time for discussion. In terms of the content – really its most useful to have a look at Phil’s “I want to” blog I haven’t yet managed to lay hands on a copy of his book, but I am sure it will be really helpful. The afternoon discussion was mainly about barriers to using social software with a lot of people saying their institutions range from unsupportive to actually banning use. It made me realise how lucky I am to be working somewhere as open minded as the Institute of Education.

Since the session I’ve been experimenting with RSS feeds, which I now feel confident about, and tried pageflakes, which I confess to being a little disappointed with.



2 thoughts on “Phil Bradley’s course

  1. Hi Gwyneth

    Many thanks for writing up this session. It sounds really useful. I’ve not played with PageFlakes yet – so much social software and so little time!

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