A day writing plus some ideas for the case studies

I decided to spend today writing the literature review rather than continuing to read more and more material. That is the trouble with this topic, there are so many interesting blog postings and articles to read. I’ve just found another hugely useful blog written by Michael Casey who coined the phrase Library 2.0. Now added to the Blogroll! However, time is ticking and my deadline of the 1st June is already looking wildy unrealistic for a first draft of the review. So today I spent a concerted effort putting onto paper what I’ve read so far.

The day was interupted with a meeting this morning with Kate from the External Programme at LSE. We had a really useful chat about my idea to use CiteULike as a reading list system for some students on a real distance learning course. My first task is to put the reading list onto CiteULike and document how this process compares to building a conventional reading list. We hope to be able to offer both systems to the students and get some feedback in the Autumn about which they prefer. I’ve created an account on CiteUlike and may also explore the Groups feature to see if this offers us much more. For an undergraduate course however, getting students to read resources on a reading list is enough of a challenge so it might be a bit ambitious to expect them to start suggesting new resources! We’ll see.

Gwyneth and I chatted this afternoon as I’ll be doing a short presentation at the CDE Fellow conference on the 19th June on the progress of the project. I’ve also been asked to give a presentation on using social software in libraries at an event organised by ALISS on Meeting the Challenge of the Google Generation and another by the Education Libraries Group. Both in July, so it’s going to be a busy month. Gwyneth also had a useful meeting with Sandra Tury from the University of London Library and with Martin Oliver from the London Knowledge Lab who is working on a project to do with Second Life. More from Gwyneth on those projects though! The sun has finally come out today, let’s hope it warms up soon!


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