CDE Fellows conference presentation

Here’s my presentation slides from yesterday’s CDE Fellows conference presentation. It was good to talk to an audience of mainly non-librarians and to make the point that we too are interested in such initatives. Concepts such as ‘Library 2.0’ were clearly very new to the audience. Gwyneth has promised a longer report on the day, but it was a useful conference and good to present in a strand related to the distance learning student experience more widely.

Following today’s Steering Group meeting I’ve got a fair amount of editing still to do on the literature review, so the revised date for publication will be mid July. However, feedback to date has been good and the group feels it’s a useful overview of the topic.

Tomorrow I will be at the Department of Information Studies at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth: revisiting my old haunts for a few days. I’ve also been invited to talk to the distance learning librarianship students who are at a study school for the week. I’ll be talking to them about e-learning and information literacy, but the odd reference to LASSIE will no doubt creep in! Then I’ll be on my hols for a week so no blogging unless the rain gets really bad and I find myself sat in internet cafes, rather than wandering around the hills of north and mid Wales! Farewell for a week or so!


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