Library 2.0 in Australasia

At our meeting on Wednesday we had a look at Jane’s very thorough literature review but we noticed a lack of references to what is happening in Australia & New Zealand – we know you’re busy over there! Yesterday I happened to see Peter Godwin at a meeting (a very interesting Focus group on e-books organised by Sage) so picked his brains on the subject. He mentioned Judy O’Connell’s blog Hey Jude which has a link to her delicious account. If anyone can give us some more leads please get in touch!

I too am about to set off on holiday. Having a couple of days walking the Thames path this week (I’m doing it in short stages). Then off to Cephalonia for two glorious weeks. If anyone has news of Library 2.0 in Greece I’ll be happy to visits colleages out there.


One thought on “Library 2.0 in Australasia

  1. Hello, how nice of Peter to mention my blog! as now I have found your blog too! I hope you enjoy your walking holiday. When you get back home you might like to check out my other new blog iLibarian at To capture some aussie action, take a peek at Libraries Interact at as well as Kathryn Greenhill’s blog at They should provide you with some starting points for the Australasian scene. By the way, both Kathryn and I are on FaceBook – would love to join networks with you. Cheers, Judy

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