Back from Wales, off to Leeds

I’m back from a week’s holiday in Wales, although Gwyneth is now away in beautiful Cephalonia, (not that I am jealous!) I spoke to the distance learning librarianship students during my travels, and met up with lots of old friends in Aberystwyth. It was also great to speak to some of the students afterwards who told me how essential the conferencing system is to motivating them in their studies. A few of them also mentioned how they used MSN chat in addition to the FirstClass system the department currently support as they like the immediecy of chat.

I’ve been editing the literature review and it is due for publication on this blog by the middle of July. I’m currently reading Phil Bradley’s ‘How to Use Web 2.0 in your Library‘ which I am enjoying hugely. Reading the book is great timing as I am due to give a workshop tomorrow at the University of Leeds on social software and libraries. It’s a hands-on training session I’m jointly delivering with my colleague Matt and will be dealing with RSS, Blogs and social bookmarking.

I’ve also been doing research on distance learning, libraries and social software in Australia and New Zealand. I’ve found quite a bit about social software, but not specifically related to distance learners. Thanks to Judy O’Connell for highlighting some other Australian bloggers – I’ll be checking these out.

I also wanted to highlight the M-Libraries conference the OU are hosting in November – which sounds fascintating. And there are two great articles in June’s CILIP Update on new learning spaces, the Saltire Centre and the University of the Arts.


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