Chocolate making, web 2.0 and the library

I spent yesterday at the Away Day for the liaison librarians at LSE. We spent the morning working on the operational plan and I’ve agreed to run a workshop on web 2.0 and libraries for all the staff based on my experiences from LASSIE. We’re also going to set up a blog for the library to experiment how it could be used for academic liaison.

The afternoon was spent on a team building exercise at My Chocolate and we had a fantastic time learning all about chocolate, making different chocolate related things and then using lots of different ingredients to create our own chocolates. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten quite so much scrummy chocolate – I highly recommend it!

Earlier in the week, the ELG event went well – I concentrated more on RSS, using Google Reader and blogs, although we did explore social bookmarking. Peter Godwin led the morning’s session social networking, where we looked at MySpace, Facebook and Ning. It was interesting to see examples of libraries who’ve created MySpace or Facebook sites.

Finally, this morning I’ve been sent the link to my lecture at the Department of Information Studies at Aberystwyth which is available online for anyone interested in finding out more about Librarians, E-learning and information literacy. Steve and I also gave a lunchtime seminar today for the library staff at LSE, on an introduction to the work of CLT – showing them Moodle, talking about e-course packs and other topics.
Tomorrow I’m going to hopefully finish the literature review, so I expect to make it available next week! Watch this space.


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