LASSIE webpage, more delicious fun and Survey Monkey

I’ve had a day doing various bits and bobs. Despite being very pleased with the blog, I decided LASSIE needed a project website with a few more details on it. For example, we’re actually getting a fairly extensive list of conference papers and other publications associated with the project so I need to bring them together – and in addition to having them dotted about on the blog I think a webpage makes more sense. Watch this space, but the site will be hosted from the CLT Projects web page which already has some very brief details about LASSIE.

I’ve also been bookmarking some resources for real distance learning students in – some useful library resources are tagged for the TRIUM students in our LSE-LASSIE account. I’ll be adding to these resources and then making them available to the students in addition to their more traditional library guide.

I’ve also been devising a survey, using Survey Monkey – following the Education Librarians Group one day event I attended earlier this month. I’m going to use it to get some feedback on the citing and referencing screencast – but I am sure it will have other uses. The free account only lets you create a simple survey with 10 questions but that is really all I need. Thanks to Chris Barker fromm Cambridge who showed us this

I also have been spreading the word about the literature review – blogs are great, but there is no beating JISCmail lists if you really want to spread the word! I’ve posted to a few lists and have encouraged the Steering Group to do the same! I’ve also noticed quite a few incoming links to the literature review from other blogs.

In the blog news this week, I notice, Ian Snowley our CILIP President and LASSIE Steering Group member, launched the CILIP office in Second life and Laura Cohen discusses the difficulties of finding time to explore web 2.0 tools. And on the Talking with Talis blog, Joan Lippencoat talks about the Net Generation.


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