The screencast gets recognition

It’s been a busy week and I’ve had two interesting phone calls. Firstly from Anya Timm from University of Lancaster who is working on a HEFCE project on Student Diversity, Academic Writing and Plagiarism. She’s invited me to a resources day tomorrow in Oxford after seeing the Citing and Referencing Screencast. LSE are a partner in this project and one of our lecturers circulated the link. The team are keen to here how I produced it and think it’s a great resource for students. If you like it, please complete my survey.
My second call was from David Mullins who’s at the University of Bath in Computing Services. David is interested in issues relating to licensing software for distance learners, which can apparently be problematic. Some software companies don’t view your distance learners as full time students, so while they may have access to many library resources now, they might not have access to all the software packages they need. Will certainly discuss this as the next Steering Group as a big advantage of social software is that many packages are free. That leads me to the Top 100 Tools for Learning which I picked up on several blogs this week and I was fascinated to see that, Google Reader and various blogging tools feature highly.

This week I’ve been playing with PageFlakes to see what this might offer and I’m celebrating the publication of the Information Literacy Cookbook. We’ll be having an official launch at Imperial College next week and another at LSE in September. I’ve also just completed Meredith Farkas survey of the blogosphere which I recommend other librarians to complete.
Finally if you haven’t spotted the LASSIE project page all the reports and further details about the project are now available here.


One thought on “The screencast gets recognition

  1. I’ve just been looking at the top 100 learning tools you linked to. It’s an interesting list and I wonder which might appear now and in the future on “an average student’s” list. Do students see facebook as a learning tool? I think I may submit my own top 10 which would include a couple not mentioned in the 100 – both are used for creating learning material rather than aiding my own learning: Pageflakes as mentioned above, which I use for demoing the potential of RSS and MWSnap which is great for screenshots.


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