Up and coming conferences and SlideShare

Gwyneth and I are preparing for various up and coming conferences at the moment, including Libraries Without Walls 7, which is a little over a month away and Towards a Social Science of Web 2.0 which is now less than a month away! We’re also on the look out for other conferences to attend in early 2008 and have been looking at the Networked Learning Conference which this year will take place in Halkidiki in Greece. This is so far our current favourite!
I’ve also just come across a great presentation on SlideShare by Jude O’Connell on Creative Web 2.0 Learning. We really need to start putting our presentations on SlideShare as it’s a great way of making them more visable. And I’m busy writing a chapter on RSS feeds and information literacy for a book Jo Parker and Peter Godwin are editing. I’ve been thinking that social software really has the most potential for not simply resource sharing,  but enhancing our teaching and helping distance learners develop information literacy. And it’s interesting how the Citing and Referencing podcast so far has been what has attracted most attention.


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