The web 2.0 toolbar, zimbio and lots of writing

I’ve just about recovered from last week’s book launch party and I’m about to start planning another for folks at the LSE now Steve, the boss is back from his holiday. We had a LASSIE Steering Group meeting yesterday – they seem to come round with alarming speed. Do you realise we must be over half way through the project now, but at least I feel the literature review is being well received. Thanks to Peter Godwin who posted it on his blog last week and also to the comments and feedback which is still coming in.

Today I’m mainly writing the Libraries without walls paper, which needs to be submitted by the 20th August and as I’m on leave next week (having a holiday at home!) I want to get it finished ASAP. I’ve also downloaded something called the Web 2.0 Toolbar which I’ve been having fun exploring. I found it from exploring Zimbio, which has been on my list to look at for a while as I know Phil Bradley used it for his new book. Actually I ended up distracted as the Zimbio home page has a featured guide to the new Indiana Jones film due out next year. I managed to spend quite a lot of time reading up on how filming has now started, watching some video and generally being distracted!

Other things I’ve found of interest this week is a new blog called iLibrarian which has lots of great information about Library 2.0 and as ever Jenny Levine has some great postings on her blog included one about RSS feeds and Ebsco, which I’ll definitely be checking out. I’m supposed to be developing a new staff training course on keeping up to date using a combination of traditional methods and RSS feeds, so this feature from Ebsco will be highly useful for LSE staff. She also highlights the SPARC Video contest which following my dabbling in screencasts, perhaps I should consider entering? This may be my last post for a week or so while I’m on hols. Back in work after the bank holiday!


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