RSS feeds, training and information literacy

I spent some time at home last week decorating and gardening mainly, and trying not to think too much about web 2.0! Now it’s back to work, finishing our presentation for the York conference Towards a Social Science of Web 2.0 and LWW7. I’ve also just finished co-writing a chapter on RSS and information literacy with my colleague Chris, for Jo Parker and Peter Godwin’s forthcoming book. It describes the work we’ve been doing to set up the Training Portal at LSE, which uses RSS to pull together training information from several different providers. I’m also hoping to write this up as a case study for LASSIE as it’s a really valuable way the technology can be used to enhance training provision. Even if staff and students at LSE don’t subscribe to the RSS feed, they can visit the training site and find out about training events across the school. The beauty is that everyone can still maintain their own websites and booking systems. We’re also incorporating the feed into Moodle so up and coming training is highlighted to students here. And the training feed is available in our institutional portal LSEforYou.

I’ve just spent some time catching up on my Blog subscriptions. It amazing how they build up when you are away for a week – it’s almost as bad as e-mail! I spotted an interesting article about Libraries and Librarian 2.0 posted on Meredith Farkas blog. And once again there is loads of useful things on iLibrarian including an article about Facebook and whether it’s good for business. My feeling is it’s probably not!


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