Case studies: now there are five

At last week’s Steering Group meeting we set out in more detail the five case studies I would be writing up as part of LASSIE. These include:

  • Reading lists and social software (using CiteUlike, LibraryThing, H20 Playlists and Bibsomony
  • Social bookmarking ( and libraries
  • Podcasting: citing and referencing at LSE
  • Libraries, blogs and blogging
  • Libraries and Facebook

All are currently underway and will be completed in the next few months. However, interestingly I found a list of libraries using in the States in another great posting by ILibrarian on Library 2.0 subject guides. And many thanks to Jacqui Weetman-Dacosta  in New Jersey, who’s been sending on some great postings about social networking, Facebook and libraries from a US information literacy mailing list.

Thanks to Matt in CLT who pointed me to the launch of Open Library 2.0 on the OU’s website which looks great – lots of RSS feeds. LSE are also about to launch MILO: our online library research training course in Moodle, so watch this space. It’s designed for new LSE students, will be an open course so I’ll post the link once we’ve put the finished touches to it. We’ve also got a nice ‘library block’ in all our Moodle courses with links through to key resources.

To cheer myself up I’m including another photo from Lesbos as the weather has been so dreary this week in London.


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