Busy week and a review of the IL Cookbook

It’s been another week spent largely working on the case studies and I spent quite a bit of time yesterday reflecting on my own experiences of blogging for this project. I’ve been thinking and writing about how I have used the blog to generate interest in LASSIE, the sort of feedback I am getting and any conclusions and recommendations from my experience. I’ll be adding further details after I speak to colleagues in LSE Archives about the blog they set up recently for an exhibition. I’ve also just finished writing another journal paper based on LASSIE.
I’ve found a recent review of the Information Literacy Cookbook on the ICS subject centre website. I was also interested to hear in the LSE staff briefing about a project in the Information Systems department at LSE called PENCEIL which looked at e-illiteracy and the issues people grapple with when trying to use technology. The team have apparently developed a training programme on topics such as searching the internet, blogging as well as issues of privacy and accuracy of the information they find online. Today I had a HERON User Group meeting where it struck me that the availability of digital resources really is transforming the way we teach. Compared to the process many of us went through as students, which involved getting huge reading list, wading through it and desperately trying to find a book in the library to read or (shock, horror) buy in the bookshop. I was struck again by the changes, when I took my Dad to the LSE Library on a brief tour and he couldn’t get over the number of PCs in the building and the buzz of activity. A thought provoking day!


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