Case study work continues

This week I’ve been mostly writing case studies, with a short break for wedding dress shopping for a friend! I’ve been writing up our experiences of using and Facebook as part of the project. Thanks to Jacqui in New Jersey who is sending me lots of useful information still about Facebook! I attempted to add my blog to my Facebook profile using a new application called Flog, Jacqui highlighted but resolutely failed!
I’ve also been finishing off the case study on reading lists. I’ll be putting some of what I’ve learnt into practice as next week we’ll be running a new class for staff at LSE. Social Software: blog it, tag it, share it has run a few times, but we’re moving the material about using RSS feeds into a class called Keeping up to Date, and bringing more hands on experience of using CiteULike, LibraryThing and H20 Playlists into the original class.
Keeping up to date myself is still a challenge but my Google reader brought several useful stories to my attention. Again the iLibrarian highlighted a really useful Directory of Experimental Library Tools. And how’s this for a great example of a library using for it’s subject resources at Queensland University of Technology? They really are doing some great things in Australia! Jenny Levine highlighted this great new report from OCLC on Sharing Privacy and Trust in our Networked World which I will reading for my updated literature review.


One thought on “Case study work continues

  1. Jane, have you tried using Blogfriends? I cant send you an invite unfortunately because you can only currently send it to your Facebook friends, but essentially it allows you to enter the address of your blog and then invite people to view your posts.

    You can also track other peoples blogs and see what activity there has been from your Facebook profile to your blog and other peoples blogs.


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