Reflecting on blogging

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time writing up my blogging case study which is partly reflecting on my own experience of blogging using this blog and the CLT Blog, but is also going to be based on the experiences of LSE Archives who set up a blog for the 1967 and All that exhibition. We had a really interesting discussion on our experiences of using blogs and how informal posts seem to generate more comments. I feel I should probably post another picture of my cat some time soon to generate lots of feedback!

In addition to this, I caught up on what’s new in the library and web 2.0 world through my blog subscriptions this afternoon. That was straight after a teaching session attended by mainly PhD students on ‘Keeping up to Date’. I taught it jointly with a colleague in the library and we focused on using RSS feeds and e-mail alerts to keep up to date in your research. We got some good feedback on the class and everyone seemed to get to grips with Google Reader and the concept of RSS (once I stopped waffling about what it meant!)

I’ve also been busy this week as we’ve submitted the LSE Training Portal project to the Institute of IT Trainers annual awards and I was finished the proposal with another colleague in IT Training. A short update this week, but I hope to spend some more time on Friday working on LASSIE.


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