More about blogging

I’ve almost finished my case study on blogging and this week asked my colleagues in CLT to reflect on how we use our CLT Blog. The nicest feature I think is the fact we have our news fed onto our departmental website, using a news tag on the blog. It means we can keep our website looking fresh and easily update readers with news information.

Catching up on my feeds, Meredith Farkas has been blogging about several conferences she’s recently attended, and included some useful comments about blogging at conferences. I’m with her on the difficulty of trying to write something coherent while actually listening to a talk. I did try doing it myself earlier in the year, but found it easier to write up my thoughts after the event. Thanks also to Angela Newton who drew my attention to the recent JISC report on e-learning, In Their Own Words. The site also has two useful Information Sheets on the issues and benefits of social software and personal tools and technologies. Two more to read up for the literature review!

We’ve got a Steering Group meeting tomorrow afternoon, so I’ll report more before the end of the week. I’ve also started work on preparing for an upcoming presentation at the UKSG seminar ‘Caught up in Web 2.0?‘ on 22nd November. Tonight I’ll be leading a seminar on information literacy for the CILIP Career Development Group, and of course web 2.0 gets a mention! It’s all go!


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