Adding tags to web pages

I’ve been really impressed with a number of universities who have created subject guides using and referred to several in previous posts. With help from Kris I’ve managed to get the LASSIE tags appearing on our project website. I’ve tried, but so far failed to get them to appear on the LASSIE blog, but I will persevere!

This week I’ve just finished drafting three of the five case studies we are working on and I still have a stack of outstanding actions from last week’s Steering Group meeting. Can you believe LASSIE is almost at an end? We officially finish at the end of December, which basically means I have to be finished by Christmas. I’ve also just finished drafting (another) paper based on the project, this time for an online publication called Health Information on the Internet.

While writing this article, Caroline and I have been reading up on what medical libraries are doing with social software and looking at the RSS feeds that are available from the National Library for Health website. We’ve also found another great blog called Infodoodads that is particularly useful for details about new Facebook tools of relevance to libraries. Thanks to Caroline’s colleague Jane for that – another one to add to my Google reader!

Dave Pattern has been doing a lot of talks recently about Huddersfield’s web 2.0 OPAC developments. He’s got some of his most recent presentations on SlideShare and a great posting with some nice quotes from events he’s been at recently. Ian Snowley’s been at an interesting event organised by one of the CILIP groups about library space and made an interesting post. And the iLibrarian made several useful posts about librarian add-on’s to Firefox which are well worth exploring (the link goes to the third post which includes links to one and two). That’s all I have time for today, managing your Reader is almost becoming as bad as managing e-mail!


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