LASSIE approaches the finishing line!

We had the final LASSIE Project Steering group yesterday where the volume of work I still have to complete hit me! We’ve got four draft case studies almost ready and I have spent today working on the final case study about Facebook and libraries. However, I have still to update my literature review and work on the project final report for our funders, the Centre for Distance Education. We’ve agreed that several project outputs will be published in January, so watch this space! One of the problems with doing research in this area is 1) the need to continuously try to keep up to date (RSS is invaluable – but I still need to find the time to read stuff!) 2) Because the project was so timely, people have invited me to attend conferences, to write papers etc. so it’s eaten into research time. But I can’t complain!

I didn’t go to Online this year partly because I’ve been so busy recently, although I know several people who did. Gwyenth might want to post her thoughts as she was there and attended the session by OCLC on social networking. Peter Godwin also has posted about Online on his blog as has Dave Pattern. By the way there is an interesting article in Next Space (the OCLC newsletter) about Libraries and Social Networking .

I’ll be posting on the blog until at least February 2008 as we’re having a review meeting then, so do keep reading!


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