Happy New Year everyone!

After a welcome break with family over Christmas and in Marrakech for New Year, I am back blogging and have some treats for you! Four of the five case studies are finally now available from the LASSIE project website. The first case study is on reading lists and social softwarecase study 2 on resource sharing, case study 3 on podcasting and case study 4 on blogging and libraries. I’m desperately working on the Facebook case study and aiming for the end of next week for that one. The updated literature review is also coming very soon I promise!

I’m completely overloaded by my Google Reader so not had a chance to catch up on what’s happening in the world, but will be speaking tomorrow at the University of Cambridge Library conference about the LASSIE project. I’ve also been working on the programme for LILAC 2008 and those awaiting news of whether their paper has been accepted or not will find out next week!


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year everyone!

  1. Hi Jane,
    I thought I’d find something about social bookmarking and bibliographic software on your blog, and sure enough, you’ve got a case study. This is great. We’ve had a question from a student who’d like to export their del.icio.us items to endnote – is that something you’ve come across in your research?

  2. Hi Kara
    Thanks for your comment and congratulations on your job being made permanent! I’ve not heard about exporting del.icio.us to Endnote. You can export to HTML which can be read by a browser. I wonder if Endnote accepts imports as HTML? That would be worth checking. It’s under the settings tab and there is an import / export option. Hope that’s useful!

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