Facebook fun

I’ve spent the best part of the week trying to finish my case study on Facebook, so my Facebook friends now know why I’ve spent so much time on it this week! It should go up next week although it is almost finished. I just need the Steering Group to take a look at.

I was terribly behind with my blog reading so finally spent some time yesterday catching up on what’s new. There is an interesting new JISC report on the Myth of the Google Generation. Apparently the Google Generation do need help with areas such as information skills development! There’s also been a lot of publicity this week for Tara Brabazon, who is going to be a keynote at LILAC 2008. She was in the Times this week following her inaugural lecture at the University of Brighton on Google being ‘white bread for the mind’. I also spotted a new blog this week called Library Stream which has some useful ‘Learn more’ posts about different types of social software.

The 10 Blogs to read in 2008 list is interesting and available from LIS News a site I wasn’t familiar with but I can see is a great source of library related news. I’d completely missed the ILibrarian’s post on the best web 2.0 applications for education as it came between Christmas and New year. I haven’t heard of any of these so need to spend lots more time looking into these! She also posted a great Librarians Guide to Second life earlier in December which I’ve just spotted – very useful. I also loved Kathryn Greenhill’s top 10 Library 2.0 resolutions for 2008. More details on how to achieve these are on her other blog. Finally lots of people picked up the new library 2.0 book by Laura B. Cohen published by the ALA: Library 2.0 Initiatives in Academic Libraries. I must see if I can get a review copy.

Next week I’m presenting a session for academics at LSE on using social software in teaching with Matt. I’m going to be looking at blogs and social bookmarking while Matt concentrates on wikis and media sharing. This has meant I recently got an account on YouTube where I’ve added a few choice videos and on SlideShare.  I also gave another presentation on LASSIE (possibly my last for a while) to library staff at LSE and decided to make this available on SlideShare if anyone is interested. Have a good weekend all!


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