Web 2.0 and teaching

I’ve just been running a session with Matt for LSE staff on Web 2.0 technologies for teaching. We focused on blogs, wikis, social bookmarking and media sharing. We’ve made our presentation available on SlideShare.

The Facebook case study will be ready in a day or so, still waiting for a few last minute comments from the Steering Group. I’ve also just spotted Tara Brabazon was in the Guardian talking about Google and Wikipedia the other day. Our class today were shocked at how easy editing a Wikipedia entry really was!


2 thoughts on “Web 2.0 and teaching

  1. Hi Dave. They were shocked in a good way I think. The staff seemed to know that wikipedia could be edited, but thought that you would need an account or your changes would need to be approved by someone. My colleague had picked a page at random about a band he knew nothing about and changed some dates in the entry which is what I think shocked them. We changed it back of course as we’re good people but it made them think!

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