Talking about my generation

Thanks to EdTechie I picked up on a report published by UCL and the British Library this week describing the searching habits of the Google generation. It notes that the characteristics of the ‘Google generation’ aren’t necessarily age-specific and that younger researchers are really just displaying fairly normal human traits of doing as little work as possible for an acceptable result.

Much of the report looks at how this will impact on libraries and services that they need to be providing in a world where people want to enter a natural language search and receive a clearly laid out set of results (ie Google) rather than use some of the rather cumbersome library search interfaces in existence.

It also looks at the impact of social software (see pages 16 and 17 of the executive summary (PDF)), noting that it is early days in terms of assessing the impact of sites such as mySpace and Facebook on the library. Their hunch is that social networking sites will be less significant than other new developments such as e-books. Also see the piece on technology trends (PDF).

No pictures of cats from me I’m afraid.

'Google iPod Warp' Photo courtesy of Ryvius' from Flickr (licensed under Creative Commons)

‘Google iPod Warp’ Photo courtesy of Ryvius’ from Flickr (licensed under Creative Commons)


One thought on “Talking about my generation

  1. Thanks Kris for this link to the executive summary on the UCL website. This is the JISC report I mentioned last week, but the version on the UCL site gives a really good quick overview. I was particularly interested in the section on user behaviour in virtual libraries.

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