Web 2.0 and libraries: a flurry of activity?

This last week I’ve been asked to do several talks about the LASSIE project, including presenting at a Yorkshire Universities Information Skills Group event which will be held in Bradford in June. ALISS are also hoping to run their summer conference with a theme of web 2.0 and libraries in August. And Peter Godwin has approached me to jointly run a SCONUL information literacy group event on web 2.0 which we hope to hold at LSE! LASSIE will certainly be getting out and about and more about those events as and when I have the details!
The Networked Learning Conference in Halkidiki is just a few weeks away, so Gwyneth and I are putting the final touches to our presentation, between shopping for beachwear etc. We will make it available on SlideShare when it’s finished. I’ll then be presenting at the Energy Institute on the 28th May to the Information for Energy Group.

Thanks to Mike Cushman in Information Systems who drew my attention to a recent lecture by Neil Selwyn from the London Knowledge Lab that was held at LSE on the educational value of Facebook. And thanks for Moira Bent for highlighting her new publication in the New Review of Academic Librarianship which provides a literature reviews on the information needs of researchers.


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