Getting prepared….

Southwold beach (January 2008)

I’ve been preparing all sorts of training and presentations this week, including last minute preparation for the Networking Learning Conference, the summer term training programme for staff at LSE and the web 2.0 training event I am organising with Peter Godwin in July. We agreed at the CILIP CSG-IL committee meeting on Friday that this event will be a joint SCONUL / IL Group event, so look out for details very soon! I depart for Greece on Thursday as I’m having a couple of days holiday before the conference. I’ll be co-presenting with Gwyneth and made our powerpoint available on SlideShare. We also have some links to accompany the presentation in

Other news, my colleague Matt has a new blog entitled the Reluctant Technologist for those interested in learning technology / web 2.0 developments. He’s been playing with Twitter and Facebook chat recently. Of wider interest is the top 100 tools for learning for 2008 – thanks once again to ILibrarian for this! There is also more research going on about Facebook and Libraries, which looks interesting and the post has links to lots of Facebook groups (many which are new to me). Finally, thanks this week to Moira who’s just written a neat summary of mine and Chris’s chapter in the Godwin and Parker book. I’m looking forward to some Greek sunshine and will be in touch soon!


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