Busy busy, take me back to the beach!

Sani Beach, Halkidiki I’m gazing at this tranquil view from the hill at Sani Beach, trying to get a sense of perspective as it feels like I have a hundred and one things going on at the moment!

This week, is ‘Adult Learner’s week’ so we have a series of lunchtime sessions in the Library, including blogging for beginners tomorrow and social bookmarking on Friday. I’m going to be in Houghton Street on Thursday running a stand to promote using technology to communicate as part of ‘Learning at work day’. I’ve been putting together some resources in del.icio.us for LSE staff.

Next week I am presenting about LASSIE at the Energy Institute. I’ll then be speaking about LASSIE in Bradford on the 12th June at the Yorkshire Universities Information Skills Group meeting. The 16th June is the ALISS AGM at the British Library, and then 17th June, I’m chairing the Heron User Group meeting at Kings College. I’ve also heard from Peter Godwin that the Web 2.0 information literacy event at LSE in July is already fully booked!
Other exciting news is I’ve been asked to join the JISC funded study TILE (Towards Implementation of Library 2.0 and the E-Framework) . And the LASSIE literature review has been published in the latest issue of Program (Volume 3), which should be out any day, for those who have access. Otherwise you can read the paper in the LSE repository.


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