Learning at work day 2008

Learning at work day

Yesterday was Learning at work day and there was a lot of fun had at the street fayre organised by the Staff Development Unit at LSE. IT Services and CLT had a stall where we were promoting the idea of using new technology to communicate with the world. We put together a set of resources in del.icio.us, and handed out lots of useful resources, such as the ‘Educause 7 Things…‘ documents. The Facebook one proved surprisingly popular, as did the one about Skype, as we were also demonstrating using Skype. Our resident online computer expert, dressed as a pirate was available to answer all your queries, skyping from his pirate ship on the high seas!

This lunchtime I’ve just given a taster session on social bookmarking with Matt, who by the way seems to be becoming a Twitter addict if you read his recent blog post. It’s Friday afternoon, can I resist signing myself up much longer…..

I’ve been trying to keep up with reading other blogs, although I’m going off this so perhaps Twitter is the way to go? In line with this thinking Kathryn Greenhill asks ‘when should you stop blogging?‘ I know a lot of people who’ve gone off Facebook recently, although that said I’ve also just read some interesting developments to link up Blackboard with Facebook posted on the Friends: social networking blog.
Finally I picked up a useful site called ‘Read the Words‘ which might prove useful for creating audio guides. Enjoy the long weekend everyone! I’d planned to be in my garden (until I saw the weather forecast!) as I’m inspired by my visit to the Chelsea Flower Show  on Wednesday!


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