Lots of Energy!

I enjoyed yesterday’s event at the Energy Institute where I was speaking about the LASSIE project once again. My talk followed Phil Bradley, who did an excellent overview of Web 2.0 and I discovered also uses SlideShare – which is useful to know. I could only stay for part of the afternoon and caught the next speaker, Adrian Arthur, Head of Web Services at the British Library. He looked at web 2.0 technologies and how the British Library are starting to use them. He highlighted several blogs the British Library are experimenting with including the Patent Blog and a blog about the Harold Pinter archive. The BL are also using podcasts, and webcasts, having a go at posting some content on You Tube and using Facebook in various ways. I particularly like their use of Flickr in the Ramayana Now exhibition. I hope the rest of the session went well and was sorry to miss the session by Christophe Gobel from the Institution of Engineering Technology who talked to me during the afternoon about video resources they have available through IET.TV.

I need all the energy I can get this week as Sunday I will be doing the Race for Life in the City of London. I’m raising money for Cancer Research UK through my online sponsorship page.


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