This week’s round-up

Cat in Thessaloniki

It’s been another eventful week. I’ve been preparing for next week’s presentation at the Yorkshire Universities Information Skills Group event. I’m providing an introduction to the day, which is looking at Web 2.0 and Information Literacy. It’s next Thursday in Bradford, so I still have some time, and I’ll make my slides available on SlideShare.

I’m still trying to keep up with web 2.0 and library related developments through reading blogs, although it was actually a Google Alert I have set up, that drew my attention to the 100 Free Library 2.0 Webinars, as this wasn’t on a blog I’d been familiar with. The site relates to distance learning courses in the US but had some useful web 2.0 related postings. I was pleased to receive my copy of the proceedings from Libraries without walls 7 this week and now available to buy from Facet. Other news, I picked up in numerous places that UCL lectures are now available on iTunes. I also really like this video by Emily Barney at the University Of Illinois on social bookmarking, available on You Tube, I found while browsing about the Facebook and libraries group in Facebook!
The requests to talk about LASSIE are still coming in and this week I’ve been asked to talk at Liverpool John Moores by Adi Kuntsman, who coordinates the MA in Internet and Communication and who is organising a symposium about Facebook in October this year. Tomorrow I’m attending the open evening at the London Knowledge Lab and I see they have an interesting seminar on the 24th June on Emergent Literacy 2.0 by Jackie Marsh from University of Sheffield.


2 thoughts on “This week’s round-up

  1. Well spotted Gwyneth! I hadn’t noticed this, but it’s great to see we are making an impact! (also by posting a comment you have confirmed my theory that people post comments when I use a cat photo on the blog!)

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