Information literacy meets Library 2.0

I’m taking a long weekend and will be jet-setting again, this time to Spain for a short break. However, when I get back next week Peter Godwin and I are running an event at LSE which is now fully booked. Entitled “Information Literacy meets Library 2.0” I’ve created an event on SlideShare, for those who want to see our presentations – we’ll add the rest in due course. It’s more of a hands-on training day so the Powerpoints are fairly limited, but I’ve also been putting together some resources for the day in My colleagues in CLT will also be helping out and delivering some of the training. It should be a good day!

Just worth mentioning I’ve started following a new blog recently based at the library at Queen Mary, University of London. It focuses on web 2.0 and library 2.0. I’ve also noticed that since putting my presentations on SlideShare, they are getting quite a bit of publicity. Ellyssa did a recent round up on library presentations and picked up my recent presentation I did in Bradford from here. I also read an interesting post from Kathryn Greenhill recently where she considered the role of librarians in teaching discovery skills verses evaluation skills. She makes a lot of interesting points and pulls together some great resources here including another really fascinating JISC study on student expectations of ICTs. Anyway, have a good weekend everyone, I’ll try to take some nice photos in Spain for next week’s blog post!


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