Web 2.0 wears me out!

I’ve returned from sunny Spain (here’s a photo from one of my favourite places we visited, Ronda) and I’ve just finished delivering the day long course with Peter Godwin entitled ‘Information Literacy meets Library 2.0.’ It was great to meet lots of new people and I hope everyone enjoyed the day. Matt and Kris from CLT did some great sessions this morning about reading and finding blogs and creating your own blog. So I hope to be able to link to some of the blogs that our keen delegates were creating! I’d also created an event on SlideShare for the day if you want to see the Powerpoints, plus a set of resources in delicious. I’ll post some more later, as now I need to sleep, well actually, I need to prepare for tomorrow’s CSG-IL meeting! But it was a good day all round and I hope we can organise another similar event. I also discovered the social networking site for knitters, called Ravelry, thanks to Sam. I’m not a knitter, but someone was asking me if there was a similar site for cooks. Anyone got any ideas?
Matt and I will be presenting again at the ALISS summer conference in August which is being held at SOAS. Do contact Heather Dawson (h.dawson@lse.ac.uk) if you’d like to book a place. Have a nice weekend everyone!


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