Some more Web 2.0 tools

The Secret Garden, Hampton Court Flower Show

I’ve found several new interesting web 2.0 tools and resources recently. So here’s a few totry in your lunch break. If you’ve not tried Remember the Milk, it’s a helpful to do list tool I’ve been trying out recently to compare with Outlook Tasks! Meanwhile, I just spotted an interesting Wiki, Wikireadia, which has useful resources for teachers and librarians among others and ties in with 2008 being the National Year of Reading. Another fun tools is 360 Cities, which provides 3D images from cities around the world. There’s a great picture from London of the Royal Courts of Justice, just 2 minutes from my office!

Quite a few people have been blogging about the new Google site, Lively, which is a bit like Second Life. It allows you to set up rooms for online chats and create avatars. Ellyssa has posted some more great things recently including this one about 17+ things to do with your online photos. For a bit of fun and for those who believe Google is taking over the world you should check out the Googling series on You Tube by the Vacationeers – I particularly like the Google maps video!


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