Web 2.0 policy and practice: ALISS Summer Conference

Tomorrow I’ll be at SOAS all day for the ALISS Summer conference. I’m opening the day, talking about libraries and social software, which you can check out on SlideShare. I’m looking forward to the day, as there are contributions from the British Library, Croydon College library and the Institute of Education among others. I’ve added some new screenshots from Huddersfield’s catalogue. I love the virtual bookshelf Dave!
Yesterday I was talking to the liaison librarians at LSE about how we use wiki’s in my team. It made me think about what I think wiki’s are really useful for. I definitely like them for brainstorming, perhaps in the early stages of a project and for recording notes from meetings, where everyone can add their contribution rather than having an official minute taker. I like them because they are searchable, fairly easy to use and informal. But I think they complement a lot of other information management tools: such as shared drives, blogs or other online spaces such as Moodle where materials can be stored.
Last Friday while in the office several language teachers at LSE came in to experiment with Second Life. I found it fascinated to watch them and once again found myself wondering whether this is the next step – or is it a step too far? Thanks to Kathryn, I just found this video about virtual worlds on You Tube, and can’t believe how many there are though – everyone seems to be talking about Second Life, but there are so many others! Finally, what with 2008 being the year of reading, I found this great tool for designing posters to encourage reading on the ALA website. I’ve tried it out with a photo of me drinking Guinness in Belfast!


One thought on “Web 2.0 policy and practice: ALISS Summer Conference

  1. Thanks for lots of useful tips at the conference; it’s left me somewhat dizzy with all the new possibilities but was incredibly useful to hear people talk about real life uses of Library 2.0 applications.

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