LASSIE rides again!

Sunset at Whitstable

Last week the LASSIE Project Steering Group had a final round-up meeting at LSE. Most of the original project members were able to attend, so it was good to catch up with everyone and hear how they had been putting into practice some of what they had learnt during the project. Following on from this meeting I have modified the blog’s about page, to reflect it’s new role as the ramblings of a learning technology librarian! No doubt you’ll be pleased to hear I’ve decided to keep posting on this blog, but just included some information about it’s historical role in LASSIE for any new readers.

I was pleased to be able to report I have another five talks lined up in the coming few months, all as a direct spin off from LASSIE. The first talk is in just a few weeks, at the Department of Information Studies in Aberystwyth – my old library school. There is a Facebook event you can sign up to if you wish to attend! I’m really looking forward to catching up with old friends and spending a few days by the sea in West Wales! The next talk after Aber, will be at the Oxford University Library Services one day conference on 24th September where I’ll be talking about web 2.0 and information literacy. I’ll keep you updated about the continuing LASSIE roadshow!

The other main development I reported on at the LASSIE meeting was the recent work I’ve been doing to develop an information skills course in Moodle for LSE’s distance learning students. The students are part of the University of London external programme studying economics, management, information systems and various social sciences. I am putting together a six week course built around the SCONUL seven pillars of information literacy. These students are supported through the University of London Online Library, and later this week I’ll be helping Sarah our media specialist in CLT do some filming to make short video clips for this course on topics such as: the role of reading, search techniques and why you need to visit libraries. I’m really excited about this course, and once I can, I’d really like to show it off to other librarians. Anyway, enough for today, but I’m pleased to report that LASSIE’s adventures are continuing!


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