LASSIE study tour

I’ve had a week’s holiday and tomorrow I’m heading to Aberystwyth partly as a holiday but also to give another talk about LASSIE. This time I’ll be talking to distance learning students at the Department of Information Studies at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth (my old uni!) as part of their week long study school. I’m planning on talking about the project, but certainly it will be interesting to hear from them about the impact they think that web 2.0 technologies might have on the way they study (if any!) I know they have experimented with using Facebook for the students (my talk is a Facebook event!) but I wonder what the students really think of this? And according to the confirmed guests on Facebook I’m going to be speaking to an audience of 9! (which I hope is not the case)

I see that my talk from the August ALISS event is now on the ALISS website. Next talk after this week’s is going to be at the University of Oxford on the 24th September. I’ll be talking to library staff at their staff development day. Apologies for the minimal posting recently, once I’m back at work next week things will improve!


3 thoughts on “LASSIE study tour

  1. Looking forward to the talk tomorrow. 🙂

    I’m pretty sure the numbers attending will be more than 9, I think this is an example where a timetable on paper can be more effective than a Facebook invitation!

    We don’t really cover much about web 2.0 and social software use in libraries within the course so it will be interesting to see people’s views.

  2. Hi Jane,

    many thanks for a really interesting talk on Web and Library 2.0. Just got bacc from Aber with a sore throat and cough – nasty foreign germs!
    You mentioned library blogs in the UK, have you come across the one below?

    Hope it’s of interest.

    Good luck in your continuing web jorneys.


  3. I really enjoyed your talk at the study school, sounds like a really interesting project! I have to say I’m slightly sceptical about talks relating to web 2.0, but more because I think we should have been there five years ago – why are we still not with it in a lot of places? It was great to see some of the excellent use libraries are making of the new web capabilities.

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