Dreaming spires of Oxford

Tomorrow I’ll be in Oxford speaking at the Oxford University Library Services exchange of experience day (at Osney Mead not Magdalene College despite the photo). I’m talking about Information literacy and web 2.0 – combining two of my key interests. I’ve posted the presentation on SlideShare this morning. I also learnt how to embed a You Tube video into my Powerpoint presentation in the course of preparing for this session so it plays within the slide – rather than just linking to it. I was also reflecting myself on which web 2.0 tools I think are useful for information literacy. Obviously RSS feeds are really important and teaching people how to use them to keep up to date should form an essential part of any IL programme. Blogs are useful in that they encourage students to reflect, but I’m not sure whether I’d specifically advocate undergraduate students setting up a blog as part of an IL course. That said, an IL course for researchers should include blogging. Delicious is another obvious tool with wide application in IL teaching – for sharing resources with students, and for helping students share resources with each other. Perhaps it would also stimulate thoughts about internet sites and quality too.

Gwyneth Price had an example at the recent ALISS conference about using Flickr in IL teaching to help students get to grips with keywords. She gave students a set of photos in Flickr and asked them to devise keywords to describe the pictures. She was amazed how many students, when given a photo of a dog, used words such as dog, canine, pet, but then went on to give the dog and name and use this as a tag!

I’d be interested to hear in how people are using web 2.0 tools in their teaching. It’s great to have lots of examples.  I’ll report more on the event later in the week.


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