Last chance for the Facebook survey

I’ve been getting some great feedback from libraries using Facebook through my online survey. If you haven’t completed it then please do by the end of the week if possible, as I’ll be analysing the results for my presentation next Thursday. I’ll also write up a summary of my findings for the blog.
I seem to be spending quite a bit of the week at PhD induction sessions organised by LSE’s Teaching and Learning Centre, and this afternoon I’m talking about ‘going beyond Google’ to some international history PhD students. I’ve been promoting our new Digital Literacy programme of courses for staff and PhD students. We’ve re-branded the programme and added some new courses to the schedule for November on blogging for research and writing collaboratively using wikis. The Library also have a new Moodle course for PhD students called the Library Companion for Researchers.
Other news, I was interested to read the new JISC Attitudinal Survey of Heads and Senior Librarians and Learning staff. Some interesting findings including: “e-Resources/electronic content was cited most frequently as a key challenge facing libraries and LRCs with issues including management, sharing, provision, access to and financial constraints.” (p.11). I was not surprised to see other key challenges in the future as finances, keeping up to date with new technologies and information skills / literacy issues. Changes in learning and education and integration with e-learning were also high on the agenda. For those interested in reading more about the information literacy challenges see pages 15-16.

Finally the Guardian is continuing to rally for libraries, this time reacting to Andy Burnham libraries plan which is part of the move to make libraries increasingly social spaces. As a fairly noisy person (!) myself I am supportive of the ideas to make libraries more social, however I see no problem with quiet (and more social) zones in a modern library to give us the best of both worlds. Just don’t get me started on food in libraries – I don’t think much will convince me this is a good idea! Also read Victoria Coren’s piece in a similar vein in Sunday’s Observer and with reference to the credit crisis I quote: “In ‘the current climate’, people need, more than ever, to know about the world. To think laterally and have ideas. To develop an internal life, as an alternative to clubbing and jet-setting. To study history and learn how we’ve got out of trouble before.” Well said!


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