LASSIE roadshow continues

Whitstable Beach

I’ve got two more legs left on the LASSIE roadshow! Tomorrow I’m speaking at a Learning Resources conference organised by JISC Regional Support Centre for Yorkshire and Humber in York. I’ll be giving an overview of libraries and web 2.0 and including some information from the Facebook survey. I’m pleased to see Peter Godwin is one of the other speakers, so it will be nice to catch up with him. This led me to check out the JISC RSC in London to see they are running and event in November about Copyright and the Digital Age that looks interesting. It’s a shame I’ll be on my hols then. I have also spotted the workshop in January they are running, based on the report ‘In their own words’ about learners experience of e-learning. I really must remember to keep an eye on their website. The final leg is a trip to Manchester Metropolitan University next Thursday, where I’m speaking at the library school.
This week I’m also busy because I am starting teaching a Methodology Institute course along with colleagues from the library. MI512 Information Literacy: tools for research is going to be six weekly sessions for PhD students, supported by a Moodle course with some online (and offline) activities. It’s been heavily promoted via the Library website and we’ve had a lot of interest! I’ll also be encouraging students to come on courses in the digital literacy programme, the first of these classes are this week. I’ll be teaching finding and using images on Friday lunchtime.
Finally, I’ve started my postgraduate certificate in teaching in higher education this term, and will be undertaking the first module on developing my teaching practice. I’m going to a workshop on classroom management later this week, which should be interesting!


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