JISC event in York

Flower at Wisley

I was hugely impressed with the JISC RSC-Yorkshire and Humber event in York today held at York Pavilion hotel just on the edge of the city. On the bill with me was Peter Godwin, who I realised I hadn’t seen for ages, and Paul Williams from Worcester who runs various blogs including ILS Matters. Well done to Scott and Lena who organised the event which had mainly delegates from the further education sector. It was interesting to hear of the specific challenges that they face, which seem to be more acute in terms of lack of time, resources and support for web 2.0 developments. I really liked the session at the end of the day that Paul set up where we got everyone blogging in 20 minutes. I keep thinking when I speak at these events that people know all this stuff already, but today it was clear for some people a lot of the things were still new. Peter mentioned he is speaking at CILIP next week with Ian Rowlands of the CIBER report fame. That should be worth checking out although I can’t find any mention on the CILIP website about it.
Finally, I just thought I’d mention as an aside that I now have on open access links to a chapter from the Information Literacy Cookbook and mine and Chris Fryer’s chapter in Peter’s book about the training portal. Both are available from LSE Research Online, as is a longer list of publications I have deposited here.


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